IELTS letter writing guide

6 Golden Rules of IELTS letters

Spend  20 minutes on this task.

Do not rush it, it is 33% of your score.

Make sure you answer all 3 parts of the question.

Write in paragraphs.

Make sure you use the appropriate level of formality.

Remember to use a good range of vocabulary, just as you would in an essay.

Remember to identify the reason why you’re writing the letter

Task achievement in IELTS letters

Learn how to write formal and informal letters

One key skills in IELTS letters is being able to write both formal and informal letters. There are several key skills to learn here. You want to think about:

how you start and close letters

the choice of vocabulary

the grammar you use

To discover more about this. I suggest you take a look at these two lessons:

an informal letter to a friend – a model informal letter explained

More tips for IELTS letters

If you are new to IELTS, read through these basic tips to understand some of the dos and don’ts of IELTS letters.

10 top tips for letters

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Model IELTS letters to help you write better

You’ll see that these letters are divided into separate categories to help you write better. You need to be able to write letters that are




You also need to be able to write in different ways as the IELTS letter questions ask you to do all these things:




make an application



Get the sample IELTS letter questions and answers

A video tour of IELTS letters

A model IELTS letter

This is a band 9.0 IELTS letter. You should note how it clearly answers all parts of the question and is organised into paragraphs.

Dear Mr Smith

I am writing to let you know about the arrangements for Patrick’s leaving party.

It has not been easy to settle on a time and date that is convenient for everyone as the school holidays are coming up and several members of staff have already booked time off. I’d suggest, however, that 7.30 on Friday July 13th is the best option available as it is Patrick’s last day. 

I have looked at a number of different venues and it would appear that Giorgio’s has the best package. The catering there is slightly cheaper than the Armani Palace and it has the added benefit of being right next to the Piccadilly Underground station.

Another benefit of choosing Giorgio’s is that they lay on a buffet with a good selection of dishes with both vegan and vegetarian options. We could hire a DJ for the night too, but I think the free Karaoke machine is likely to be more popular.

Please let me know what you think about these suggestions.

Your sincerely


IELTS letter vocabulary

Letters have their own vocabulary. These are guides to some of the most common vocabulary areas. In each guide you will find lists of helpful vocabulary and exercises to help you practise it.

apology words and phrases